Portal Hardening Plants

Inductive portal hardening plants are ideally suited for industrial drives, wind parks, earth-moving machines, and lifting technology. 

Our LIBRA portal hardening plants have the following features:


  • Scan hardening incl. rotation
  • Scan hardening without rotation
  • Tooth spaces
  • Tooth flanks
  • Total surface

Areas of Application

  • Track hardening of turnables and large-diameter sleeve bearings in XXL size
  • Surface hardening of the internal and external teethed gears

The modular setup of inductive portal hardening plants allows for a tailored adaptation to customer needs such as flow rate, weight of the workpiece, and degree of automation. This makes for an optimal technical and economical solution for the heat treatment of workpieces, in a consistently high and reproducible quality.

LIBRA Portal Hardening Plants - Your Benefits:

  • With track hardening: high feed rate with high hardness penetration depth
  • Cost reduction thanks to scale-free hardening of the tooth spaces (EMA Indutec patented)
  • Half the cycle time for the hardening procedures of tooth spaces or tooth flanks
  • Negligible loading and unloading times
  • Fully automated process from the loading time onwards
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heat treatment process

We also offer the option of a web connection as well as an integration of your plant into the existing processes and assembly lines via automation interfaces. Quality assurance packages round off the spectrum of our range of services on offer.

Type of plant: LIBRA Flip Table

This type of plant is used in the inductive heat treatment of tracks, i.e. rotor blade bearings, which are components of modern wind power stations.

The special features of this plant include:

  • Horizontal loading of work pieces
  • Motorized mounting table for short “swivel times”
  • Up to 30 tons of weight and 8 meters in diameter possible for workpieces
  • Sensor-controlled inductor tracking
  • 400 kW inverter power
  • Frequency between 1 - 10 kHz
  • Reference check inverter/inductor
  • Diagnosis tool and automated adjusting of the oscillating circuit
  • Internally developed, highly dynamic, motorized quench control valves
  • Hydraulic workpiece-tensioner

This video will show you the functioning and benefits of the LIBRA Flip Table portal hardening plant:

LIBRA Flip Table - Your benefits:

  • Specially designed for components with inner or outer tracks 
  • Horizontal loading and unloading for easier handling of workpieces
  • Tilted processing position for the heat treatment process
  • Constantly uniform hardness profile thanks to CNC-controlled inductor tracking

Further information on portal hardending systems

More technical specifications can be found in our datasheet containing information on large-diameter bearings and sprocket hardening plants: 

Hardening in XXL format - machines of the LIBRA series (PDF | 378.46 KB | eng-US )

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