Our History

How has EMA Indutec progressed into the company it is today?

Follow us through a short virtual journey through the firm's history and be amazed at our development.

In 2021, we celebrated our 75th anniversary - let this video give you a first view of EMA Indutec through the ages.

But first, back to the beginning

It all started with Walter Schultze. The electrical engineer from Berlin founded a company in EMA Elektromaschinen Schultze which, from the very beginning, looked towards the future of the region and its people.

  • 1946: Founding of EMA Elektromaschinen Schultze in Hirschhorn
  • 1947-48: Extension of the old garage (former property of the Wehrmacht)
  • 1958-59: New production hall in Hirschhorn
  • 1960: Addition on top of the garage
  • 1976: Death of Walter Schultze. Leadership of the company stays in family hands.
  • 1991: 45th anniversary under leadership of Gisela Schultze with 318 employees

  • 2004: Move to Meckesheim with the entire company. New administration building
  • 2010: Founding of EMA Induction Technology (Beijing)
  • 2017: 70th anniversary
  • 2020: Even in subpar circumstances, we overcome difficulties with humor and competence. Take a look at our season's greetings during the Covid19 crisis on YouTube.

Photos of the beginning

The beginnings of EMA's success story in the regional papers

Navigate the gallery to learn about our early successes:

  • 30th anniversary of EMA
  • First open house in 1991
  • 50th anniversary of EMA
  • Bestowal of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany to Walter Schultze
  • Exhibition of EMA in Brussels
  • 65th birthday of Walter Schultze