Induction heating │ EMA Indutec GmbH

We are your reliable partner with over 70 years experience in consulting, design, engineering and manufacturing. We implement our customer's requirements into custom-made technical solutions.

EMA Indutec GmbH has its roots in the EMA Elektromaschinen Schultze GmbH & Co. KG and has been an integral part of the AICHELIN-Group since the year 2000. 

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Our Services

  • Installations for Inductive Heat Treatment
  • Vertical Feeding Machines
  • Fixture Hardening Machines
  • Calibration Hardening Machines
  • Big Gear Rings and Bearings
  • Forging, Tempering and Annealing Systems
  • Development and construction of tailor-made special applications
  • Frequency Converters
  • Comprehensive After Sales Service