Induction heating

 Induction heating comprises numerous possibilities for induction heating of a wide variety of materials. Not only iron and steel alloys can be inductively heated, but also precious metals, copper alloys, carbon fibres and aluminium are potential materials for induction heating.In addition to traditional hardening and tempering, the best known induction heating processes also include quenching and tempering, forging, annealing and melting. Further possibilities of induction heating are for example shrinking, adhesive hardening, soldering as well as drying processes after painting.EMA Indutec GmbH and its team of experts will work out individually tailored solution concepts for you in order to make your heating task a success.

Advantages of induction heating

- direct heat generation in the workpiece

- no transfer losses- energy conservation

- highest production rate

- precise control

- no emissions

- high power density

- high process temperatures

- high heating speeds