Process development and process optimization

Process development and process optimization are among the core competencies of EMA Indutec GmbH. The process, the procedure is the focus and must be regarded as the most important criterion for the design of the suitable inductive heating system.

If you have your optimised inductive process under control while taking costs into account, you can also produce economically. EMA Indutec would like to help you to benefit from this, which has grown over decades.

A highly qualified and motivated team as well as various hardening Systems with different performance data are available in the specially designed test and development department to optimise the processes.

Process development for induction

Within the scope of induction heating, EMA Indutec offers ist Services for a wide range of induction heating applications. These Areas include:

  • Inductive hardening
  • Inductive tempering
  • Inductive annealing
  • Inductive heating
  • Inductive soft annealing
  • Inductive stress relief anealing
  • Inductive steel quenching and tempering
  • Inductive melting
  • Inductive calibration
  • Inductive inert gas hardening
  • induction hardening

In Addition, EMA Indutec GmbH is at your side for complex handling and interlinking issues.