process engineering support

We offer you comprehensive process engineering support in the areas of induction heating, heat treatment or calibration.

Our experienced team of technicians, engineers and physicists will be pleased to support you in the planning, commissioning and process optimization of your applications. We help you reduce costs and efficiently manufacture high-quality products.

This is our range of process engineering processes:

  • Simulations of the heating processes and/or the quenching behavior 
  • Optimally designed and constructed inductors (based on the simulations)
  • The possibility to carry out first tests in our company to verify the concept / process.      Hereby are possible:
    • Clamping lengths up to 1,500 mm
    • Workpiece diameters up to 600 mm  
    • Frequencies from 1 to 400 kHz
  • The production of test parts up to small series for prototypes and evaluation of the test parts:
    • Surface hardness measurements
    • Determination of the hardening depth
    • Metallographic evaluation of the samples
    • Investigation of damage cases and their evaluation without issuing an expert opinion (you will receive only a report)
  • If required, we can also provide a geometric evaluation by means of a 3D measurement of the components. The commissioning is done in your company and we also provide further production support, if requested by you.
  • Complete documentation with drawings and initial test documentation
  • Optimization of your serial production in the field of heat treatment

We also offer training in heat treatment and induction technology with a focus on your specific process.

You will find an overview of our training courses on the "Trainings" page.

    Fixture hardening and calibration:

    • Consulting activities in the field of fixture hardening (design of raw tools: hardening mandrel and other tools in contact with the workpiece, design and optimization of workpieces).
    • Driving of test parts up to small series for prototypes; a fixture calibration machine with up to 10 tons pressing force is available at our company
    • Support on site during the running-in of the calibration processes:
      • If necessary, we additionally provide geometrical evaluation by means of a 3D measurement
      • Testing of general dimensional accuracy is possible (among others by means of calibers, measuring table of the company Mahr and other methods) 

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