August 9, 2023

Inductive hardening vs. conventional heat treatment

Technical article by EMA Indutec + AICHELIN in 'The Monty'

Andreas Klassen, PhD, Head of Research & Development at EMA Indutec, is a proven expert in numerical calculations and the simulation of induction processes. Together with Florian Kickinger, process engineer at AICHELIN Neuanlagenbau, he used the example of a large gear component to compare how induction heating with subsequent quenching differs from conventional heat treatment.

"Inductive hardening vs. conventional heat treatment on the example of a large gear component"

In the technical article published in "The Monty Heat Treat News", our experts address these topics, among others:

  • The physical principle of induction heating
  • The heating of the component close to the surface and in line with requirements, and
  • The total energy required for heating - keyword: energy efficiency.

In addition, the methods compared differ in terms of energy and process-related emissions - keyword decarbonization.

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The decisive factor in the choice of heat treatment process is the component and the requirements placed on it, which determine the most suitable heat treatment concept. In addition to the process-related costs, environmental aspects and tax incentives must also be taken into account.

We would be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate process for your components. Take advantage of our expertise in the design of induction processes using numerical calculations. We can also help you to optimize energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

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