Sample and Zero Series Production

Do you have a need for pre-series parts? Do you need sample parts for your customers in near-series production?

Our very well-equipped machine area with various hardening systems and an excellently equipped materials laboratory make it possible to heat, harden and, if necessary, temper an extremely wide range of parts. Special applications, such as fixture hardening/calibration, inductive heating for annealing through to preheating for subsequent welding processes are also conceivable.

If you have applications beyond this, please contact us.

In order to be able to produce your small or sample series in an environment that approximates the later process, our laboratory systems are equipped with tools that correspond to those from a later machine to be delivered. In most cases, the tools can even be used directly on the machines to be delivered, thus saving costs for implementing the processes.

If simulations of the processes are still required or if these can accelerate or shorten the required evaluation process, all options are open to us here as well.

The values resulting from the tests are of course documented and processed in report form. The accompanying monitoring required for a subsequent series are cuts, hardness evaluations and/or geometric measurements (e.g. 3D or MDK).

Possibilities to carry out initial in-house tests to verify your concept / process:

  • Clamping lengths up to 1,500 mm
  • Workpiece diameters up to 600 mm

  • Frequencies from 1 to 400 kHz

  • Running of test parts up to small series for prototypes (fixture/calibration machine with up to 10 t pressing force available)

  • Evaluation of test parts: Surface hardness measurements, determination of the hardening depth, metallographic evaluation of the samples, if necessary additional geometrical evaluation by means of 3D measurement

  • Complete documentation (drawings, initial test documentation)

  • Further optimization of your serial production in the course of commissioning of a later machine is possible.