Materials Laboratory

In our in-house laboratory, we perform the following tests for you, among others:

  • Hardness testing according to Vickers, Rockwell and if relevant Brinell
  • Measurement of the SHD (surface hardness depth), CHD (case hardness depth)
  • Structural assessments

  • Damage analysis

The hardness testers are calibrated annually by an external accredited service provider. Internally, validation is performed weekly or as required or requested by the customer.

A plausibility check of the hardness testers is carried out regularly and documented.

Test protocols are automatically stored on internal servers via the testing software (KB Prüftechnik). Filing is carried out in accordance with our quality management system. EMA Indutec has been certified according to ISO 9001:2000 since 2003.

More information:

Hardness test methods (PDF | 303.61 KB | eng-US )

Materials laboratory (PDF | 107.55 KB | eng-US )

Coordinate Measuring Machine

EMA Indutec also offers measurement of your components/work pieces with the company’s own Zeiss coordinate measuring machine.


  • Determination of dimensional and geometrical deviation (dimensional initial sample inspection, creation of measurement reports for single and series testing, etc.)
  • We carry out these measurements using the data and templates supplied by you.

  • We provide you with the reports in printed and/or digital form.

To create an individual offer, we need:

  • A photo of the work piece to be measured
  • Technical drawings including tolerances

  • A description of the test characteristics to be measured

  • Information on the clamping of the work piece during measurement

  • Information on special reporting templates

  • Information on standards of requirements to be applied

More Information: 

 Coordinate measurung machine (PDF | 268.98 KB | eng-US )