Portal Hardening Plant

Inductive systems for the hardening of large-diameter sleeve bearings and gear rings designed for industrial gear units, wind energy plants, hauling or earth-moving machinery and lifting technique.


  • Spin-progressive hardening
  • Progressive hardening without rotation
  • Tooth spaces
  • Tooth flanks
  • Total surfac
Range of Application
  • Track hardening of turnables and large-diameter sleeve bearings in XXL size
  • Surface hardening of the internal and external teethed gear wheels

Owing to the modular construction, a customised adaptation to the requirements of customer is guaranteed with regard to, for example, flow rate, weight of the work piece and degree of automation.

This offers the ideal technical and the most economical solution to the user with regard to the inductive hardening of work pieces of consistently high and reproducible quality.

Your Benefits

  • For the hardening of raceway bearings: high traverse rates with high hardening depth
  • Short cycle times
  • Lower cost due to scale free hardening
  • Halving the cycle time at tooth space and tooth flank hardening process
  • Not relevant for loading and discharging times

For further technical details see our machine leaflet:

XXL Hardening Machines (PDF | 378.46 KB | eng-US )