March 7, 2022

Inductive fixture hardening: Specialist article from EMA Indutec

Fixture hardening – also known as press hardening – is playing an increasingly important role as a manufacturing process, especially in the automotive industry and in lightweight gearbox components. However, these tend to suffer greater distortion during heat treatment and hardening. 

In a recent technical article, Stefan Knauf, PhD, head of research at EMA Indutec, and his co-authors Roger Jenne (also EMA Indutec) and Klaus Buchner, PhD (AICHELIN Holding), specifically address the control of distortion during induction fixture hardening. 

This specialist article is part of the current February issue of the "HTM Journal of Heat Treatment and Materials" (Volume 77, Issue 1), the official organ of the Working Group for Heat Treatment and Materials Technology (AWT). The technical article is available for download on the publisher's website.

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