Energy Efficiency

... energy with pinpoint precision!

Did you know that for example 40 % of the industrially utilized energy in Germany is used for metal heat treatment? In times of continuously increasing energy prices energy efficiency is one of the most important issues. We identify possible energy saving potential, in particular to enable a production at minimum cost with your plants. 

Saving potentials to ensure a cost-optimised production:

  • To conserve energy resources wherever possible, an energy saving mode was implemented in our plants. In congested flow of material, during breaks or other downtime, the system switches automatically off the media of delivery, however, remains ready for operation in the standby mode. The media automatically switch on again, without operator intervention, the production continues. Depending on the machine size, energy consumption can be reduced by at least 30 kW.
  • Exact determination of the zones to be heated
  • Due to the extremely high energy density in the workpiece, very short heating times can be realized
  • Precise heating temperature control
  • Low lead time prior to any proceedings
  • Compact footprints
  • Very low negative influence of the environment and good working conditions 

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