December 4, 2020


Advanced training to our customers and partners is one of the most important pillars of the philosophy of EMA Indutec!  [...]


Different modules of the reference book "Inductive Heating and Hardening Systems" contain a clearly structured compilation - a comprehensive collection, from all kinds of information on metallurgy and plant engineering, to design aids and calculation formulae, and lots more related to the challenges of induction technology. This collection of material thus serves as a practical reference book and suitable aid for all employees, and especially for those with technical and scientific specialisation.

Since modern converter technology is the core of every induction system, and it is also used in numerous other industrial applications, we have also put together for you the reference book "Innovative Converter Technology". We have striven to compile for you plenty of information for an exciting and varied entry in the field of applications of rectifier technology.

We would be delighted if both the reference books "Inductive Heating and Hardening Systems" and "Innovative Converter Technology" become your constant companions in use, for internal company training and in practice.

From the contents of the reference book "Inductive Heating and Hardening Systems", we would like to draw your attention to the following interesting modules

  • Services from EMA Indutec – This module contains valuable information on training, EMF measurements, 3D-measurement of your workpieces, process development and noise measurements.
  • EMA+ Life Cycle Services – A special service program that supports you in cost savings in production and provides quality benefits

  • After Sales Service – this module contains the best possible solutions from EMA Indutec, customised for you, for your various different service requirements

In the reference book about innovative converter technology, we would like to draw particular attention to these points of focus:

  • Technical principles of converter technology
  • The advantages of converter technology from EMA Indutec
  • Our low-frequency converter technology as a replacement for the antiquated mains frequency technology
  • Principles of metallography and heat treatment
  • Areas of application of our converters: melting, hardening and tempering, heating, forging and forming
  • Our modernisation portfolio and retrofitting possibilities
  •  Our After Sales Service and the other services
  • Comprehensive reference manual for the basic terms of electrical engineering and other relevant technical information in the appendix

The two reference books are available in German and English.

Our sales team is at your service at phone number +49 6226 788 0 for requesting your personal reference book – or simply send us an email to

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